Greetings and Welcome to our first Blog!

We here at “the Junction” are all excited, Lynn, Lisa, Tina, Tony & Leigh, about our new website and are hoping you will be able to navigate more easily and informatively.

Our site informs you of the many activities and festivals available up here in the loveliest area of Northeastern Michigan’s Sunrise Side. Very much like a minuscuel art colony, we are rife with artists in all fields of artistic endeavors. Award winning painters in all media – oils, acrylics, watercolor, pen & ink, charcoal; photography; jewelry designers, glass artists, ceramics and pottery studios, wood sculpture and a number of art galleries will keep you hopping.

The Tawases’ also draw all varieties of musical expertise, from High School groups to highly advanced performing groups, several community coral groups including the fantastic Lake Huron Community Shores Choir, Tracey Behneke Director. – Move over Carnegie Hall!

The Northeast Academy of Dance, is a nationally recognized ballet dance studio in Oscoda. – outstanding productions with a modern twist. Watch for dates and further information on our website.

Writers. There are many out there taking advantage of the quiet inspiration of the wandering Au Sable River, the gurgling brooks and steams and placid lakes. Many are also known to take fishing poles and a can of something or other along with their writing pads or recorders. Many published writers, such as Steve Hamilton, who booked with “yours truly” when he was here on a book signing tour a few years ago, writes chiefly detective stories with Michigan settings.

Community Theaters. The Tawas Bay Players produce numerous plays and musical performances almost year round. The Shoreline Players in Oscoda also offers a great selection of entertainment as well. We will try to keep you posted via our website as productions are scheduled.

This is just a Nutshell of some of the cultural activities here in the Tawas area. Next blog, we will attempt to fill you in on the many water sports, hiking, biking, touring and fishing opportunities.

Every year we do some major updating projects at “the Junction” and this year was no exception although more varied.. A entrance door digital lock system suggests you have one less key to remember.  It was necessary to have the antique custom fit door stripped and repainted before the new system could be installed.  No small feat and  a very kind and generous friend made it all possible.  A Wireless multi speaker Sonos sound system is a major improvement which allows music in many different areas with individual controls and sound levels.  All rooms now have flat screen Smart TV’s. And we now are enjoying the additions to our lawn sprinkling system which now covers all the flower beds, thanks to a highly innovative friend.   Having the interior of the glassed in porch painted by true professionals and having the parking lot resurfaced.

Those items plus the new website, which still is in need of tweaking,  have kept us very busy this past winter.

Our Guest plans for the 2017-2018 year is to develop some interesting group activities such as women’s weekends (perhaps one scheduled during hunting season) Some requests have been for in-house massage, nail and pedicure coupled perhaps with some nutrition or health related programs. Others have asked for weekend Bible Study Retreats. Cooking demonstrations, writer’s groups, Show and Tell, Card or Table Game or a Streaming movie weekend are all possibilities, Let us know what your group would like to do and we’ll arrange it.

We would look forward to hearing your comments, both re the Website and the Blog.

One thought on “Greetings and Welcome to our first Blog!

  1. I am so delighted to see the East Tawas Junction Bed & Breakfast Inn is going strong! My time as an Inn Keeper’s assistant for this establishment still inspires me today in living a wabi-sabi (perfectly imperfect living and décor) lifestyle. I shall definitely recommend you highly to friends and relatives who want a casually elegant experience in the Tawases.

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